Dr. Jacqueline Quintana Hinojosa




Department of Physical Chemistry

Address: Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria. District Coyoacán. ZIP Code 04510Mexico City. Mexico

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Research on Mechanical Statistics


  • Simple and non-simple inhomogenous fluids (interfaces).
  • Determination of free-energy in water and magnetic models.
  • Phase transitions of chiral separation and liquid crystals.


Integral equations, density functionals, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo.


Specific molecular models have been designed for studies of interest.


A cluster of more than 100 processors of several generations have been constructed.


Supervision on defended thesis: Seven bachelor students from the Schools of Chemistry, Sciences, and of Professional Studies-Zaragoza.

Graduate courses:

Thermostatistics of materials

Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

Physical statistics

Undergraduate courses:

Statistical physics, School of Sciences, UNAM

Selected topics on thermodynamics and statistical physics, School of Sciences, UNAM

Introduction to molecular simulation, School of Sciences, UNAM.

Thermodynamics, School of Sciences, UNAM

Recent thesis supervision and examination:

Supervisor on the following Graduate Programs

Chemistry, Physical and Material Sciences.

Grants available



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  • Armas-Pérez, J. C.; Quintana, J.* Numerical evidence for nematic and smectic behavior of two-dimensional hard models. Phys. Rev. E, 2011, 83, 051709. 
  • Nematic and smectic ordering in a system of two-dimensional hard zigzag particles. Szabolcs Varga, Peter Gurin, Julio C. Armas-Pérez, and Jacqueline Quintana-H. Journal of  Chemical  Physics, 131, 184901 (2009).
  • Non-Equilibrium Work Distributions for Dynamic  Linear Magnetic Systems under Discontinuous Perturbations. Humberto Hijar, Jacqueline Quintana-H, Godehard Sutmann. Journal of  Statistical  Mechanics, P05009 (2008).
  • Two dimensional segregation of the bent hard needles model with Lennard Jones sites. Lizette Gonzalez-Lee, Julio C. Armas, Jorge Peon and Jacqueline Quintana. Physica A  387, 145-158  (2008).
  • Non-Equilibrium Work Theorems for the Two-Dimensional Ising Model. Humberto Hijar, Jacqueline Quintana-H, Godehard Sutmann
  • Journal of  Statistical  Mechanics P04010 (2007).
  • Two-dimensional chiral model for liquid crystals, bent hard needles: a Monte Carlo simulation. Jorge Peon, Jimena Saucedo-Zugazagoitia, Fabian Pucheta-Mendez, Raul A. Perusquia,  Godehard Sutmann and Jacqueline Quintana. Journal of  Chemical  Physics,  125, 104908-1 - 104908-11 (2006). EUA.
  • Two-dimensional model for mixtures of enantiomers, bent hard needles: a Monte Carlo simulation. Raul A. Perusquia, Jorge Peon and Jacqueline Quintana. Physica A,  345, 130-142 (2005).