School on Charge Density and MoPro

UNAM Main Campus,

Mexico City,

June 12 – 15 2017

Dear colleagues,

The school on charge density and MoPro 2017 will be held in Mexico City at the main campus of UNAM in June 2017.  This school is supported by the IUCr and UNAM.

We welcome all scientist and graduated students interested in crystallography  and the electron density. The program provides a complete view of obtaining experimental densities, from the collection of crystallographic data to the topological analysis.

The electron density provides chemically significant information through topological analysis, which can be performed from experimental or theoretical densities. The topological analysis of experimental electron densities is becoming a general approach to analyse the nature of chemical bonding and interactions within crystals.

These kind of studies need special experimental conditions and refinement methods. In this School on Charge Density will review the concepts of X-Ray diffraction, data collection and data reduction for charge density determination.  The Multipolar modeling of the charge density and its topological analysis will be presented using Mopro program.  Mopro is a crystallographic refinement package allowing structural and charge density studies of molecules with variable size, ranging from minerals, small compounds to biological macromolecules.

The Organizing Committee of the School on Charge Density and MoPro will observe the basic policy of non-discrimination and affirms the right and freedom of scientists to associate in international scientific activity without regard to such factors as ethnic origin, religion, citizenship, language, political stance, gender, sex or age, in accordance with the Statutes of the International Council for Science. At this School no barriers will exist which would prevent the participation of bona fide scientists.

Organizing Committee

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