G. D. Hortensia Segura Silva

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  Academic Technician

G. D. Hortensia Segura Silva

Address: Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria. District Coyoacán. ZIP Code 04510 Mexico City. Mexico

Telephone: +52 (55) 56-22-46-14



Graphic designer responsible for the creation of materials for advertisement and promotion of the Institute of Chemistry. Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design granted by the “Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas” (National School of Plastic Arts),1996 UNAM, in Mexico City. Nowadays, she is working as Academic Technician at the Institute of Chemistry (IQ-UNAM).

Up to now she has worked in three Institutes from the UNAM Research Subsystem: The Institute of Nuclear Sciences, The Institute of Chemistry and The Institute of Astronomy of the UNAM. She took part in the start of the project “Mujeres en la Ciencia”; project that rescues and builds an image for the scientist women, by that means, establishing a gender view.

She designed the Logo from the Center of the Sciences of Complexity C3 (Centro de las Ciencias de la Complejidad C3). She’s nowadays coursing her master’s studies in Communication and Education from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona 2012.


Design of thematic brochures, representative from the investigation in course at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences UNAM, mainly aim at high school students, with the purpose of knowledge updating at this medium-high education level.

With this purpose in mind she designed the brochures called “Agujeros Negros” (Black holes), “Terraformación” (Earth formation), “Exoplanetas” (Exoplanets), “Astrobiología” (Astrobiology), “El Irradiador” (The radiator), “LHC”, “Rayos Cósmicos” ”(Cosmic rays) and “Nanociencia” (Nanoscience). From these thematic brochures 12,000 brochures and diptychs have been printed in order to spread the word about the research conducted at the UNAM, 2010.

Thanks to the design of these brochures she had the chance to work directly with various researchers from different areas of physics, from the Structure of Matter, Physics of plasmas and the interaction of radiation with matter, Gravitation and Field Theory.

About the projects of 2012, she has work on the updating of the exhibition at the Metro in Mexico City, called “Túnel de la Ciencia” (Science Tunnel), this exhibition has 14 astronomical images which represent the local universe up to the structure of the whole Universe.


She has participated in Congresses for the Popularization of Science & Technology, talking about the importance of graphic designers, describing the image as a link between Communication and Science. Graphic Designers professionalization and specialization in this topic is needed.

Currently, she is designing materials for the Institute of Chemistry.




  • She is in charge of the coordination of activities to keep up to date the services and infrastructure of the IT equipment, in order to get an improvement in the development of the research activities performed in the Institute.
  • She is also dedicated to the updating and maintenance of websites.
  • She is responsible for the supervision and maintenance of the equipment, network and computer services. Moreover, she develops and installs programs that facilitate the information search.
  • Design of the information screen.
  • Updating and maintenance of the IQ Web Page: www.iquimica.unam.mx
  • Execution of the campaign on the social networks for the Institute of Chemistry.
  • Design of posters, brochures, and graphic materials for the Institute of Chemistry.


Design of the IQ-UNAM Web Page English version: www.iquimica.unam.mx/iqenglish

Design of the SOQUIMEX Web Page: www.sqm.org.mx




Students from the social service:

Ulises, Gabriela Pastén Sánchez and Omar



Alcubierre M, Carreón P, Frank A, Guijosa A, Hernández JR, Hirsch J, Nahmad E, Segura A.Segura H. ICN: “Detrás está la Gente” México, D.F., 2008. 201pp. (ISBN-978-970-32-5513-9).

Publication Desing: Book Cover “Introducción a la Teoría de Grupos y aplicaciones a la Mecánica Cuántica” (Introduction to the Groups Theory and Applications to the Quantum Mechanics), from the Professor  Elpidio Chacón, from the Institute of Physics in collaboration with the ICN, 2008. ISBN-978-607-2-00138-1.

Brochure Design: "Terraformación: colonizar Marte" (Earth formation: To colonize Mars) Rafael Navarro González, Project: "Un viaje al universo".

Brochure Design, "El Irradiador del ICN"(The radiator of the ICN), Epifanio Cruz Zaragoza, Project: "Un viaje al universo" (Journey to the Universe)



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