Dr. José Enrique Barquera Lozada

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Department of Physical Chemistry

Address: Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria. District Coyoacán. ZIP Code 04510 Mexico City. Mexico

Telephone: +52 (55) 56 22 47 70 ext. 46610
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In 2004 Dr. Barquera-Lozada graduated in Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry, UNAM. Two years later he obtained a Master degree in the same faculty with the thesis "Quantum Mechanical Study on intermolecular interactions of 6-mercaptopurine-H2O" under the direction of Dr. María Eugenia Costas Basin. Later he obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry with the thesis "Computational study of the terminal biogenesis of terpenoids" under the guide of Dr. Gabriel Eduardo Bravo González Cuevas at the Chemistry Institute of the UNAM.

From 2011 to 2013 he occupied a postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Prof. Wolfgang Scherer at the University of Augsburg, Germany with the project "Nature of agostic interactions in transition metals." Later in the same university he obteined a second postdoctoral position under the direction of Prof. Leo van Wüllen with the project "Magnetic properties of boron compounds." In 2014 he joined the academic staff of the Chemistry Institute of the UNAM.


Theoretical and experimental studies of the topology of the electron density by quantum chemical methods and high resolution X-ray crystallography, respectively.

Reaction mechanisms of reactions pericyclic catalyzed by transition metals.

Theoretical studies of magnetic properties used in the description of the chemical bond.  


Gabino Barreda Medal for best CGPA of his generation, Bachelor in chemistry.




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Barquera-Lozada, J. E.; Costas, M. E.; Acevedo-Chávez, R., 6-mercaptopurine physicochemical and chemical behavior. A density functional theory study. Trends in heterocyclic Chemistry 2007, 12, 47-65.

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